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"Wines of the World"

For 2020, we are opening the door to the WORLD of wine. In the words of Wine Speak Co-Founder Chuck Furuya, “I clearly remember the face of an assistant winemaker when he first tasted the 2015 Faury Condrieu. It really was an ‘aha’ moment.  I was also quite moved by watching the joyful faces of young, visiting sommeliers when they tasted through the offerings from Washington state, Australia, different parts of California and especially Paso Robles after having visited the vineyards.” Such was the inspiration for creating this event—to give our guests a sense of wonderment from discovering something new, something totally ‘out of the box’ and broadening their imagination. This is that night! We already have confirmed wines from Germany, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Argentina and France, as well as many of our friends from Paso Robles and throughout California.

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BYOB Dinner

BYOB Night is yet another opportunity to gather all of our wine friends, from near and far, to hang out, talk story and enjoy camaraderie. The casual setting is ideal for mingling and meeting winemakers, sommeliers, wine professionals and other real wine lovers—in fact, this has really turned out to be a star shindig. Attendees bring bottles of their favorite wines to share with old and new friends, and we are always amazed at the wide variety and vast numbers of wines brought and shared. For example, one of the wine highlights in 2019 was a sensational, epic bottle of the 1989 Trimbach Riesling “Clos Sainte Hune”—a wine we will remember forever. Let’s hang out and have fun experiencing special wines together.


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Professional Development Day

“Talk Story on Blind Tasting” featuring three legendary Master Sommeliers Nunzio Alioto, Fred Dame and Madeline Triffon

“Talk Story on Hospitality” featuring three legendary Master Sommeliers Nunzio Alioto, Fred Dame and Madeline Triffon

“Wine & Food Workshop” with Randy Caparoso (Editor at Large, The SOMM Journal)

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