Why Support Wine Speak?


What This Event Means to You

Your business is built upon the economic prosperity of the wine industry, which is largely driven by agriculture, hospitality and tourism.

Wine Speak Paso Robles is uniquely designed to help fulfill the potential of each of these industries.


About Wine Speak Paso Robles

Wine Speak “Paso Robles” is a premiere event that connects top sommeliers, local wine industry leaders and area hospitality employees for an intensive educational journey designed to benefit our entire region.

Join us as we come together for the common goal of taking the Paso Robles wine experience to new heights.


Our Experts

Wine Speak “Paso Robles” will be led by famed Master Sommelier Chuck Furuya of Hawaii.

Chuck is a longtime proponent of Paso Robles wine, and his knowledge of the region runs deep. He is tapping into his global network of leading sommeliers and winemakers to help create a spectacular event.

The result is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all involved to learn from some of the industry’s most accomplished experts.

The Need

Paso Robles is increasingly attracting affluent and informed wine tourists who are drawn by our growing reputation for world-class wines.

However, a reputation for quality wines can only take us so far. In order to compete with other elite wine regions in matters of hospitality and tourism, we need to bridge the current gap between wine quality and wine service.


The Solution

Wine Speak Paso Robles is the first event of its kind specifically dedicated to meeting this need.

This event will teach our people how to deliver first-class wine service and knowledge—and how to tell the story of Paso Robles as it relates to the larger global wine landscape.

Not only will this event benefit our local hospitality professionals; it will also touch key influencers who can become vocal ambassadors for our region.


As a sponsor, your support will be broadcast to all attendees and leaders in the local wine, hospitality and tourism industries. Sponsorship is very limited. 


Bronze $5,000


Silver $10,000


Gold $15,000


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